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Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean — About

Lillee Jean Trueman (born April 18, 2001 in New York) is an American entrepreneur, actress, director, model, environmentalist, and anti-bullying activist.

Backstory on Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean created her own web series, “Lillee Jean TALKS! Live”, (IMDB credited), which she hosts, writes, directs, and, produces. A variety of entertainers and artists have been her guests. On popular social media platforms, she publishes content on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Additionally, she has modeled for magazines such as Malvie Magazine, Fashion Haunts, Indie Blush and Sephora, as well as being featured on Cover Girl’s Billboard at their Time Square store in 2016. She is committed to changing federal laws, to help victims of these faceless crimes, having endured traumatic bullying as a child and online bullying as an adult.

In addition to being Jewish and Lutheran, she is of French, English, German, and Ukrainian descent. At the turn of the century, her ancestors emigrated from Europe to the United States. Her mother, Laur Trueman, is the manager and CFO of Lillee Jean Beauty, Inc. Her previous experience includes providing small props to studios such as Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures.

Project Bullyish:

Using her platform, Lillee Jean hopes to hold conversations with her fans about issues that are important to her as well as to them. In 2022, she set up Bullyish, and Project Bullyish, pages dedicated to raising awareness about online bullying. As a digital extension of her advocacy, she connects with people in her generation and beyond.

LJ In The Press:

Lillee Jean’s work has been featured in The Hollywood Digest, Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Medium, BuzzFeed, Swaay, Authority Magazine, Grazia Daily, Influencive, Kansas City News, Fashion Haunts Magazine, among others.

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New York director, filmmaker, model, CEO, and actress. You can find me on or

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